How To Clean Your rain Gutters

Every individual plan to clean several parts of their home like basement, garage, windows, bedroom but none of them ever consider cleaning your rain gutters as your priority or even don’t consider cleaning your rain gutters at all. Rain gutters is an essential part of your home and cleaning your rain gutters especially before rain hits of your home is necessity. You might not realize but many issues can be caused by not cleaning your rain gutters on time. When you don’t clean your rain gutter, the water of rain don’t flow and instead get stuck in the gutter itself and the weight will increase on your roof which in turn will damage your roof. Having a damaged roof in rain can be really problematic situation and thus cleaning your rain gutters is very important. Here are some of the easy steps to clean your rain gutters.

  • Scoop the loose debris out of gutters

Debris can be really problematic if they are stuck into your gutters and thus you need to clean your gutter in time to make it safe in rain. Debris is one of the main sources of blocking the rain to flow properly from the gutter. You can use a narrow garden trowel for scooping out the loose debris. Make sure to work away from the drain outlet. It would be really easy to clean your rain gutter when the debris is slightly pliable and damp and not soggy or dried or encrusted. If you want to lessen up the cleaning work at the end then you can scoop the debris into a plastic bucket.

  • Blast the gutters out with a hose

Take an on off high pressure nozzle which should be mounted at the end of the water hose. Use this to clean your rain gutter and make it ready for the rain. Wash each and every single part of the gutter and make it perfect clean. Cleaning your rain gutter can be a messy job for you and thus try to avoid splattering of mud all over the house. If the dirt is very stubborn and it does not wash out with the hose then take a stiff scrub brush and remove the encrusted dirt with that scrub and clean your rain gutter in this manner.

  • Clean any obstruction in drain pipes

If the drain pipes are blocked due to debris or any other reason, the water will not flow freely and easily. If such situation arises, then before the water gets stuck and creates any problem for your roof, you must try and flush the debris down with the hose. This will definitely work and clear the drain pipes. But if this thing does not work then you can use a plumber’s auger to free the blockage of the pipes and pull out the debris from the bottom of the pipe and in some of the cases you can also push it from the top of the pipe and remove the blockage.